WarmUp-Keynote: Dr. Armin Metzger

Dr. Armin Metzger is chairman of the German Testing Board and a busy keynote speaker. His field of expertise is quality assurance where he combines scientific and practical approaches.

He has been involved in quality assurance since his university days. He stayed in the quality domain when joining sepp.med, where he was involved in complex projects in the field of software quality assurance and development processes from 1999 to 2015.

From 2016 on Dr. Metzger is involved with the promotion of software quality in fulltime. Until spring 2018 he was Director of the German working committee for software quality and education (Arbeitskreis Software Qualität und Fortbildung, ASQF e.V.). Since then he is chairman of the German Testing Board with the goal to renew the board and to open it up for new and changing target audiences to promote work most suitable work for universities, market and society.

For today’s keynote he will give his assessment how key technologies like IoT and AI will change testing. Will there be a future for testing?

The future of testing is always aligned to technological advances that lead to ever changing challenges and needs for solutions. Agile transformation has already taken place in many areas. Topics like IoT and artificial intelligence are still in their infancies, but of utmost importance as part of digital transformations. While both topics are not new in themselves, their explosive market intrusion is and need an adapted approach to software quality. This is not about reinventing the wheel, but about new priorities and focus areas. What challenges will be ahead? How will security change a tester’s work? Will AIs be important and will we have AIs that will test for us? Join his scientifically backed journey into the future and maybe even find some things you want to discuss in sessions on Saturday.