1st and 2nd September 2023 in Hamburg

Save the date: 1st and 2nd September 2023 at oose in Hamburg!

It was great - our sixth QS-Barcamp!
The sixth Barcamp was great again and fits in seamlessly. At least that's the feedback we received from you. Thank you for that and above all thank you for your participation, because as we all know, that's what barcamps thrive on!

The seventh QS BarCamp
Now we are going into the seventh round with our QS-Barcamp. The years before have shown: it is incredible fun to spend two days in inspiring exchange with quality-conscious people and test enthusiasts.

Our guest

We want to incorporate the community even more and ask you to send us the name of a person, you would like to see as a speaker.

Send the name to georg.haupt@oose.de or christian.kram@oose.de and we take care.

English, German, anything in between?

In the last years we had English sessions as well. Why should it be different this year? Just choose the language you are most comfortable with conveying your ideas in and let the audience know at the marketplace what language the session is going to be.

For all eternity
Remember and share: participants at the first ever QA barcamp decided that it will always take place on the first weekend of September.

The official twitter hashtag will be #QScamp


Sorry, we have to disappoint you: We have no agenda. In the spirit of the BarCamp principles, we challenge traditional conference and congress formats. Who can have a say? Everyone who wants to say something. What gets around? Lots of food for thought, lots of inspiration, constructive solutions, great contacts and lots of fun. You can read our rules of the game in the Code of Conduct

Are you a student?
Let's face it. As a student more often than not there is a lot of the month left after you spent your monthly budget. That's why we reserved 30 free tickets for students. So how can you get one? Simply scan your student ID and mail it to georg.haupt@oose.de with the subject line “Free ticket QS barcamp”. But remember: first come, first serve.

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Reasons to come


At a BarCamp you create the agenda! The "Open Space" format offers you a framework in which you can bring your own topics or questions ("marketplace"), in order to then work on these in a self-organized and collaborative way during the sessions.

A BarCamp lives only on your contributions.
Contribution suggestions, ideas and suggestions can be made in advance to our partner XING group StugHH.


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StugHH is the Hamburg Software Test User Group. We organise ourselves via LinkedIn and come together for regular events, workshops and lectures in Hamburg - a real-life group with online consultation, so to speak.

Discuss, network, exchange ideas or just chat. And discover that others are also facing similar problems or have already found a solution. True to the motto: Explore - Experiment - Error, we want to make mistakes in order to learn from them. But above all, we want to have fun.

Would you like to learn more? Then visit our Barcamp or become part of the StugHH! We look forward to meeting you and helping to implement the ideas!

Ursula BeiersdorfUrsula Beiersdorf
Jörg Sievers
Christian Kram
Georg Haupt
Maik Nogens
Ursula BeiersdorfUrsula Beiersdorf
Jörg Sievers
Christian Kram
Georg Haupt
Maik Nogens