From September 6th 2019 to September 7th 2019 in Hamburg

The third QS-BarCamp
The third edition of the QA barcamp is going to take place this fall. The previous editions proofed it to be a lot a fun to have inspiring conversation with other people who really care about quality assurance and testing.

Our guest
What will testing in the future look like? Will we all be security testers? These are just two of the questions that Dr. Armin Metzger will address in his keynote on Friday evening. Armin isn't just the chairman of the German testing board, but also a proven conference speaker able to excite an audience.

English, German, anything in between?
Last year we had English sessions for the first time, and German ones as well. Why should it be different this year? Just choose the language you are most comfortable with conveying your ideas in.

You can't get enough? Or do you already have too much?
Of course you don't have too much from testing - but maybe too many books? "Lessons Learned in Software Testing" against "Testing SAP Solutions"? Bring your books with you and put them on our book exchange table. And find new suggestions. Or just come along to get some inspiration for your reading list.

Hamburg is too far away and hotels too expensive?
The Hamburg Software Test User Group (StugHH) can help you. And if you'd rather stay in a hotel, you'll find our recommendations here. If you enter the password "oose" you will get special conditions.

For all eternity
Remember and share: participants at the first ever QA barcamp decided that it will always take place on the first weekend of September.
The official twitter hashtag will be #QScamp


Sorry, we have to disappoint you: We have no agenda. In the spirit of the BarCamp principles, we challenge traditional conference and congress formats. Who can have a say? Everyone who wants to say something. What gets around? Lots of food for thought, lots of inspiration, constructive solutions, great contacts and lots of fun. You can read our rules of the game in the Code of Conduct

Are you a student?
Let's face it. As a student more often than not there is a lot of the month left after you spent your monthly budget. That's why we reserved 30 free tickets for students. So how can you get one? Simply scan your student ID and mail it to info@oose with the subject line “Free ticket QS barcamp”. But remember: first come, first serve.

For all those who couldn't be there and want to know what happened last year, here's our photo protocol for you to read.

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Reasons to come

Program 2019

At a BarCamp you create the agenda! The "Open Space" format offers you a framework in which you can bring your own topics or questions ("marketplace"), in order to then work on these in a self-organized and collaborative way during the sessions.

A BarCamp lives only on your contributions. These will be discussed in advance.
Contribution suggestions, ideas and suggestions can be made in advance to our partner XING group StugHH.




For almost 20 years now oose Innovative Informatik eG has been offering excellent seminars, workshops and consulting in software and systems engineering. Our core desire is to not only provide theoretical knowledge and practical advice, but to assist our customers in transforming knowledge into mastery.

Whether on the client's premises or in our very own oose.campus in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel district, our strength lies in treading unconventional paths. We actively and passionately help to develop and shape topics, that bridge gaps in between disciplines and share our knowledge.

What speaks in our favour? Our 120 seminars per year, through which we reach over 14.000 participants and have been able to impress 4.444 clients. Are we leaving it at that? No chance! We want more knowledge, more ability and more inspiration…

Georg Haupt
Maike Thuy
Stephan Roth
Maike Wollmann


StugHH is the Hamburg-based Software Test User Group. We organize ourselves via XING and come together for regular events, workshops and lectures in Hamburg - a kind of Real Life Group with online agreement.

For example, we met on the following topics:

  • Juice Shop Hacking Session
  • Testfactory in use - Major projects with offshoring
  • Games of Quality
  • "Glühwein" Acceptance Test
  • Lean Questions @ Kühne & Nagel
  • Everything you always wanted to know about Mobile Testing...
  • Software development and testing in medical technology

Discuss, network, exchange or just chat. You will notice that others are facing similar problems or have already found a solution. True to the motto: Explore - Experiment - Error, we want to make mistakes in order to learn from them. But above all we want to have fun.

Do you want to know more? Then visit our Barcamp or become part of the StugHH! We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you implement your ideas!

Christian Kram
Ursula Beiersdorf
Maik Nogens
Jörg Sievers
Georg Haupt
Maike Thuy
Stephan Roth
Maike Wollmann
Christian Kram
Ursula Beiersdorf
Maik Nogens
Jörg Sievers

How to find us

oose.campus | Schulterblatt 36 (Montblanc Kontorhaus) | 20357 Hamburg

As a rule, our seminars and events take place in our training centre, where our company headquarters are also located. The rooms of oose are located in the middle of the Schanzenviertel - Hamburg's trendiest district. If you wish, you can also reach our training rooms on the first floor by elevator.

We are easy to reach from the underground stations Sternschanze and Feldstraße or by Metrobus line 3. If you are travelling by public transport, you will find the app of the HVV (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund) here.

Mainstation HH (S-Bahn / U-Bahn) / Bus):

Take the S21 (direction Altona) or the S31 (direction Elbgaustraße) and travel two stops via "Dammtor" to "Sternschanze (Messe)". From there it is an eight minute walk to the oose.campus in Schulterblatt 36.


The distance from the airport to oose is about 9 km (30 minutes by car). Arrival by S-Bahn (approx. 40 min) is very convenient: Take the S1 from "Hamburg Airport (Flughafen)" to "Hauptbahnhof", change there to the platform opposite and continue with the S21 to "Sternschanze (Messe)". From there it is an eight-minute walk to the oose.campus in Schulterblatt 36.

By car:

Please note that there are hardly any free, public and unlimited parking spaces available. At the corner of Schulterblatt/ Max-Brauer-Allee you will find an unpaved, but chargeable parking lot with limited space. The nearest multi-storey car park is approx. 600 m away - "Parkhaus Messe" (Lagerstraße).